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The ancient solution to at least 25% of all problems ;)
An unmastered robot cannot move in Cartesian mode, so you do not have to worry about that. If the robot loses its calibration (e.g. if it is mishandled while shut down, and the axis position from before the shutdown do not match up with the current position) you will get an error message.
However it is strange that it forces you to master all axes, I believe that I always had to manually unmaster an axis, if I wanted to master an axis that the robot considered to be correctly mastered.
If your robot is always unmastered after you power it on for the first time, there is probably an issue with your RDW.

Support / Re: KRC2 will not master all of the sudden
« Last post by jschmidt on Today at 11:39:09 AM »
thanks for your reply! I ended up employing the time old tradition of turning it off and turning it back on, and then it mastered right away...

also, if I could tack on another question, to ensure that the robot is still mastered every time I turn it on, I go to setup > master > EMT > standard > set mastering, and then see if it prompts me to master the axises instead of saying "no axises to master" (meaning that mastering saved from the last time.
However, it ALWAYS prompts me to master all of the axises again instead of saying "no axises to master". So, I have to master the robot upon every start up. By doing the checking process of that I just described, am I unintentionally reseting the mastering?

I know there is a set process to actually check the mastering, but it seems so much easier to just hit "set mastering" and see if it prompts me to master or not. However, I will obviously switch to the cited "check mastering" process if my way is causing the mastering to constantly reset.
The power draw depends on the robot, but the fuses for KRC4 should be 3x25A according to the manual. A 32A plug should be fine.
For the spindle it's easier, because you know the kW anyway. So with a 9kW spindle you may want to take a 12kW inverter, so at 380V you're looking at a 32A requirement. More than 32A are not that common in non-industrial buildings, at least around here.

The most common problem we nearly always encounter when setting up a robot somewhere new, is the circuit breaker, which should work at 0.3A, rather than the more common 0.03A. Otherwise the robot will start, but once you try to move it the circuit breaker will trigger. Of course, 0.3A are more dangerous, so be particularly careful around any such outlets.

That being said, I'm not an electronics expert, so double-check whatever I'm writing.

General Discussion / Re: Using kuka 210 to carve in marble - Total costs
« Last post by jamil on Today at 06:16:15 AM »
regards the electricity supply needed please can you tell me what I need to know whats needed to run the kuka kr200 robot the 9kw spindle and the control ;)
That spindle was massive, at least 16kW on a KUKA Titan robot. But I don't really think that such a high-end solution is really a requirement in most cases - we have milled wood quite successfully with a 6kg payload robot and a 150EUR spindle ;)
Then again, it seems that spindles don't get that much more expensive with increasing power. At my lab, the limit was actually the power supply as the electrician could not guarantee that our "grid"  could take two robots plus the spindle, so we had to downscale it to ~8kW.

Support / Re: KUKA PRC Dynamo Error
« Last post by Johannes @ Robots in Architecture on December 12, 2017, 06:02:50 PM »

I don't have an overview of all common Dynamo error messages yet.... Which version of KUKA|prc for Dynamo did you test?
Current is the KUKAprc_Dynamo_11_27_2017.exe version of the installer.
Also make sure that no older libraries are installed as they might cause issues.

Let me know about the software versions, then I can continue giving you tips to find the problem!
Support / KUKA PRC Dynamo Error
« Last post by Ghaith on December 12, 2017, 02:41:49 PM »
KUKA PRC DynamoRevit version shows error messages after installation as the following :
 " Warning: Logic.RunCore operation failed The type initializer for KUKAprcDynamoLogic threw an exception"
General Discussion / Re: Using kuka 210 to carve in marble - Total costs
« Last post by jamil on December 12, 2017, 12:14:46 PM »
true thankyou for that tip :)
regards the spindle can you tell me how Meany  kw was the spindle you used to work on the granite. marble is softer then granite would 9kw or 7.5 kw be enough or should I go all the way to 16kw
All the best with the project!
But do consider that prices - in general - may be higher in Australia. I can only speak from my experience in Austria (!). So if you get a higher quote, it does not necessarily mean that someone is trying to rip you off ;)

General Discussion / Re: Using kuka 210 to carve in marble - Total costs
« Last post by jamil on December 11, 2017, 05:44:21 PM »
ok thankyou for all that it helps a lot ,I will let you know how I go :)
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