Author Topic: Example: KUKA LBR iiwa and Sunrise  (Read 2822 times)

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Example: KUKA LBR iiwa and Sunrise
« on: April 29, 2016, 04:11:19 PM »
KUKA LBR iiwa and Sunrise
Requirements: Rhinoceros 5, Grasshopper 0.9.0076, KUKA|prc V2

Programming a KUKA LBR iiwa via Sunrise. Note that the redundant axis is mapped to E1 in KUKA|prc. In the code output, axis are numbered from A1 to A7, from the base to the flange.


How to use Sunrise:
Import the KUKA|prc Sunrise library to your project and then adapt your program file as in the *.java file that is also attached as an example below.
If your setup is not too unusual, you just need to set the name of the tool, tool tip, and base in the *.java file.
When you start the program, a “File Open” dialog will pop up, asking you to select the *.xml file that you want to run.
So just like with KRC4 you can use USB sticks, network shares etc. Of course it is also possible to hardcode the paths, have multiple programs selectable via a GUI etc., you just need to adapt the Java code.
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