Author Topic: Where I can purchase a gripper for KUKA KR6?  (Read 928 times)


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Where I can purchase a gripper for KUKA KR6?
« on: December 25, 2017, 11:42:00 AM »
I want to have a gripper in order to practice brick layering. But I have only bare robot arm.
I've looked many website and inquired some local companies but I couldn't locate where I can order.
Is anyone here have some idea where I can order one?
The one that I can practice with KUKA PRC sample files.
It does not have to be very perfect precise one as what I want is a brick layering.
Look forward to having kind advices!!! บอลสเต็ป2

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Re: Where I can purchase a gripper for KUKA KR6?
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2017, 04:33:15 PM »

You can buy grippers from companies such as Schunk, simply get in touch with a representative!
That being said, if you do not have highly special requirements and are working on a budget, the cheap way is simply to look on eBay, where you can get grippers for a fraction of the price, 50EUR should be a good budget for anything a KR6 can move around.
From my personal experience, take care to check the spec sheet properly, I once purchased a gripper that turned out to be the size of a matchbox ;)
Similarly, I've got one that weighs 10kg - I knew what I was getting into that time, but was still somehow astonished when I saw it "in person".

In addition you will need a compressor, because electronic grippers are much (MUCH!) more expensive and harder to find used than pneumatic ones. But as a gripper does not need much air, it does not have to be fancy, as it will hardly be running. If noise is an issue, go for an airbrush compressor. Otherwise you can get cheap workshop compressors at any DIY store.
Your KR6 has got integrated valves, though you may need to purchase fittings if they were not included, e.g. from M5 threads on the Agilus to 6mm tubing that leads to the gripper (see e.g. You may also need to purchase fittings for the gripper as it may only have threaded holes where you attach the air.
I mostly buy fittings etc. at SMC or Festo, they both have online stores where they also sell in small numbers.

Finally, you may need to configure your integrated valves in WorkVisual (though they may be pre-configured anyway). In KUKA|prc you simply need to trigger the outputs of the valves. Some grippers only need one air supply as they come with a spring to reset it, others will need one air supply to open the gripper, and another tube to close it.

...and one more thing: There isn't some kind of standardized mount for grippers, so you will need to cut/drill/mill/3D print an adapter to mount the gripper on your robot. My suggestion would be to mount it normal to the flange, if you are doing brick stacking.

Hope that helps!