How to avoid weird and unnecessary rotations from start/end positions?

Started by Nicholas Ziglio, March 16, 2020, 04:51:05 PM

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Nicholas Ziglio

How can I avoid these weird rotations at the start and end of my program?
I have tried modifying the custom tool rotations (ABC) and the initial start/end positions of the robot but I can't seem to figure it out.
Rhino and GH files in attachments if needed

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Nicholas,

Your program starts with a linear movement, which does not contain any information regarding the posture of the robot, so it chooses a default value.
You can go to Settings/Advanced and then look at the Start-/Endposition tab. Change the Initial Posture e.g. to 010 and it will move the more directly.
At the end, the robot is moving back to its position given in axis values. As you are winding up your A6 it will unwind.
You can right-click the robot component and set A6 to infinite, note that you also need to set that in the robot configuration. The settings in KUKA|prc will only affect the simulation.


Nicholas Ziglio