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Title: Kuka Servomotors Specs
Post by: Dimko45 on September 17, 2019, 04:27:39 PM
Hello Johannes/everyone,

I have these servomotors from KUKA  for which I still need some information. I already have an Excel-file (from Kuka Augsburg) but it does not contain all the data. I am looking for this data for both Servo motors.

Winding resistance
Number of poles
Torque constant
Voltage constant
Moment of inertia (With brake)

Servo motor 1FK6100-8AF91-1ZZ9-Z S09:
Brushless servo motor
1FK6100-8AF91-1ZZ9-Z S09
No. E: K550 0225 41 021
600V 3000/4200 / min
3.77kW 9.5A
Art. number: 69-225-463

Servo motor KK53Y-YYYY-017:
AC Servo motor
No. E: 98F19060
600V 3000 rpm
2.83kW 5.7A
Art number: 69-225-464

I hope someone can help me with this.

Thanks in advance!
With best regards,