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Awesome, works like a charm! Thanks so much for taking care of this so quickly. A huge help.


Thanks for the help Johannes!  A few things. First, I am on the latest build of PRC (20210422). And I did get collisions from both set-ups you provided. But in the one with the turntable the collision was indicated even when the tool was not actually in contact with anything (see attached screenshot, shown at 0.2 in the simulation).

I have attached a stripped-down version of my files. Maybe they can shed some light.


So, I've been having some issues with collision detection when using my turntable. I have a custom hot wire cutter mounted, referenced through the "Custom Tool" component. The collision between this tool and the robot arm is detected when I connect the robot directly to the prcCore. But when I run the robot through a turntable (I use the "GLOBAL TT" component), that collision is no longer detected. See attached images.

In both set-ups, the collision between the tool and environment (as fed into the "Collision" input) works just fine. And curiously, the collision between the tool and table also has an issue: a collision is detected between the tool and one mesh in the turntable, but not any of the others.

Any ideas about what I could be doing wrong here, or is this a known issue?


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