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Hi Johannes,

Thanks for the reply. The general workaround did solve the problem. I'm using the version 2013-12-20, looking forward to the next release!

Thank you again.
Hi  Johannes,

Does your Agilus run well the code? Waiting for the solution, thanks.

I'm sure that same XYZABC values for the tool and base are used. One thing is that the robot is on a table and so I move the path up along Z-axis a bit.

videos here:



Thanks for the reply.

I understand that there are different ways for the robot to reach a defined position. Since I don't have KUKA SimPro and OfficeLite, so I can't execute the src file there virtually. But a friend of mine also design a "simple path" program by RobotMaster and sent me the generated KRL file which the robot ran perfectly just like in the simulation. And I'm sure that the base setting and tool setting of my robot is correct.

Here is the Kuka|prc-generated KRL fie of the tutorial "simple-path", and some pictures. Please help me out, which part is wrong?

Hi Johannes,

I just recently started using robot and kuka|prc. My robot is Agilus sixx.

After reading the tutorial PDF, I'm playing around with the tutorials samples. Everything is cool in the simulation, but when I copy the generated src code to the robot and run it, the robot works in a different way (axis 4 turn moves too much).  I took a look at the generated KRL code, noticed that for each step the "E6POS" B is always 90.0. And i tried the other samples, the KRL codes were also different from what they're supposed to be.

Please tell me how to fix this, thank you.