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We just re-opened a 4-year, fulltime PhD position on interactive robotic architecture. We invite people with experience in (interactive) digital fabrication and/or computational architectural design to apply.

Hopefully, this initiative will form the start of KU Leuven university becoming a constructive and longterm member of this community!

For more information, see:
I wanted to point out that we have an open PhD position on the topic of interaction for robotic fabrication for someone with the knowledge of, or the capacity to acquire the knowledge of:

  • human-computer interaction (HCI) (e.g. tangible, embedded and embodied interaction)
  • digital or robotic fabrication (e.g. practical experience)
  • computer science (e.g. computer vision, machine learning, robotics)
  • design science (e.g. architecture, 3D modeling)
The detailed description can be found at
Please apply before August 31, 2017 via the online application tool.