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General Discussion / Best finish on foam
September 13, 2017, 07:10:07 PM
Looking for some advice from others on how do we get the smoothest possible finish on our foam materials. It appears as if using a 1/4" bit gives us a smoother finish then using a 1" bit. The 1" bit looks as if its pulling foam beads out in areas where the 1/4" bit does not have this same issue.
Here is a photo of what were seeing:
Support / Tips for Testing KUKA Callibration
July 13, 2017, 11:07:00 PM
Hey there! Our new KUKA robot is currently being installed and configured as we speak. Before the team of engineers that are setting it up leave, I would love some feedback and any suggestions on how we can ensure it is being setup, configured, and calibrated properly. We want to make sure that everything is being calibrated perfectly, before the engineers wrap up installation :smile:

I'm hoping someone might have some suggestions, sample files and tests we could run to be able to quickly confirm everything is setup and dialed in perfectly. Any tips on what kind of things to be on the lookout for? Known issues, common problems, etc... Here are some of the questions we have:
- What are the best ways to ensure the 7 axis robot, liner rail, rotary table, and parts change is setup properly?
- Are there any test files that we can use to help us easily test and validate the calibration?
- Are there any other software or tools we should be using?
- What things should we be looking out for in order to ensure the calibration is setup perfectly? (Repeatability, Accuracy, etc...)
- What would be some great projects to test each of the areas?
- What else are we not thinking of?

Robot Cell:
- KUKA KR-150 r3100 on a
- Tools: Mill, Hot Wire, (Extruder, Chainsaw, Plasma Cutter, Coming Soon)
- Wireless Touch Sensor
- Robot sits on a 40ft Linear Rail
- 48" Rotary Table
- ATI Quick Connect Head and Plates
- 10 Part Tool Garage Changer
- Laser Part Setter
- Laser Fence

- ZBrushGrasshopper
- PowerMill
- Grasshopper
- ArtCam

Thanks again!
General Discussion / Paint Booth Recommendations
July 10, 2017, 05:05:01 PM
Hi all!

I'm trying to get a paint spray booth / mixing station so we can put some great finishes on our materials.

Does anyone have any insights or advice on paint booths that you've used?  There's many different types of paint booths, and I need something that can be multi-purpose and do a great job of making it easy to get a quality paint job.


  • We're working with materials like wood, foam and metals
  • We will be spraying typical automotive style paint finishes and high-gloss coatings
  • Polyurea sprayer
  • Finishing furniture, foam, crafts, anything

  • Why wouldn't I want to get an enclosed spray booth?
  • What brands are best?
Thanks in advance for any insights that you can provide!
General Discussion / Hiding Dust in Fabrication Lab
July 10, 2017, 04:15:51 PM
Hi all!

We're opening a one-of-a-kind innovation/fabrication lab (our kr150 r3100 arrives today!), and we're trying to select paint (wall and ceiling) that will look great and will give us the most efficient work space possible.

Does anyone have any insights or advice on what color of paint and sheen best hide the kind of dust and debris that come with working in this kind of lab? What type/color of paint have you found is a great camouflage for dust and is best for washing down / keeping clean?

- We're working with materials like wood, foam and metals
- Our space is made up of CMU Walls / Metal Decking / Steel Trusses
- We want to choose paint shades and sheens that camouflage dust and debris as much as possible

Thanks in advance for any insights that you can provide!