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General Discussion / Using a rotary table with the PRC?
« on: October 02, 2013, 06:18:13 AM »
I have a question about the near future of the PRC: I am REALLY hot for doing rotary machining.  ;D 

I see that the newest release available to members has support for a linear track.  Any chance in the near future for support for rotary tables?  I see that the PRC has the option to import SprutCAM code....which leads to:

I suspect that this video was produced by the creators of the PRC, since it says "Vienna Institute of Technology."  Am I right?  ;)
In that video, was the table dynamically controlled, or was it manually indexed?

Thanks for any info! 

Support / Best way to create a milling toolpath w/combo of LIN and CIRC?
« on: September 19, 2013, 08:49:20 AM »
I have successfully generated several short toolpaths using LIN and CIRC commands I need to combine them into one long toolpath for milling foam with a KRC-1 + KR30/2

I have gotten a multi-command toolpath by using the "Weave" function....but for a long, extended toolpath, that could make for a very busy screen if I had to have a separate group of icons for every linear and arc segment.  "Weave" commands can be nested, but like I said, the screen real-estate will get eaten up.

The only other way I know how is to make the whole toolpath one continous LIN command by joining all the segments together in Rhino...but then my arcs have to be broken up into line segments.  My antiquated KRC-1 has a limited amount of points that can be loaded into one program, so I gotta keep the point count down as much as possible.  That's real easy with LIN segments (just a start and end point), but the instant I have curves, it becomes a growing issue.

(I am not an official member of the association yet, but if the full-blown member-specific version of the PRC will help me in my quest, I can be patient and wait until I have the means to join...there's plenty more exploring in just Grasshopper that I have yet to do)

Anyone have any advice?  Thanks in advance!  :)

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