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I am looking for suggestions on a scripting language to learn that can be used with Grasshopper and possibly with KUKA|prc. I was thinking Python, but only because I'm familiar with the name from my peers in architecture school.
I've also met someone who used Visual Studio and Microsoft Excel to completely bypass the KSS and program the motions for A1-A6 individually. This seems extreme, but he was not having the problem that I'm having, which I believe is a loss in translation from the source code to the KSS.

I'm choosing to branch out of KUKA|prc because of a problem that I'm having with the A7 external kinematic: when running a program that uses A1-A7, the robot flange moves in a circular motion rather than its programmed path (,824.msg2130.html#msg2130)

I'm neither an expert on KUKA|prc, Grasshopper or my KR 150 L150 robot, so I'd like to circle back to learning the fundamentals of how to write a program rather than trying to solve the problem through the very polished KUKA|prc. I feel that because I don't actually know how to program anything, and I just jumped right into KUKA|prc after my only prior experience with "scripting" was Grasshopper,  I'm just making uneducated guesses at solving this problem.

So! I just finished a beginners course on JavaScript (to get my feet wet) but I'd love some recommendations on which language would be best to move forward with.

Thank you in advance!
All recommendations welcome!

This is is a bit of an add-on to a previous topic (,817.0.html ), but I am still struggling with the issue of the robot not following it's programmed path. I've attached a video, the Rhino and .gh files, and the final .src file.

Control type: KR C2
Robot type: KR 150 L150
Software Version: KSSV4.1.6

In this video, it shows the flange almost following the LIN movements that the E1 is following, but in the opposite rotation direction. This is instead of following the robot flange path in the simulation.
I have encountered this problem before the integration of the A7 axis as well. At that time, I was trying to mill a curved surface out of a piece of foam, and I initially just gave KUKA|prc contours to vertically move between and mill. When running the program, the flange did a very similar circular movement to the one in the video, rather than its simulated motion. I solved this problem by connecting the contours of the curved surface into one closed polyline, so that the flange just simply had to trace the path (creating a toolpath essentially) and that solved the problem.

I don't really see how it would be a KUKA|prc issue - because the KUKA Core Analysis is all clear - but I'm posting just to get another check that it is not an issue of the .src file that I am inputting.
- I've gone through all of the variables in the machine.dat and made sure that it was the correct machine.dat for the robot type (ref,511.0.html)
- To the best of my knowledge, A7 is configured correctly.
- The tool is XYZABC calibrated and the same XYZABC values are entered in KUKA|prc and on the robot.
- Robot is mastered with EMT and A7 is mastered with a dial.
- Root Point data for the A7 was entered numerically by positioning the TCP of the reference tool at the center of rotation and displaying $POS_ACT, and then entering in those values for the Root Point.

Any ideas are appreciated and welcome!

I'm working with a KRC2 and we just added an external axis to the controller. We built our own turntable and are using that.

I created a code in KUKAprc that (I think) accounts for the external axis in the KUKAprc settings and the simulation is working fine. However, when I run the program on the robot, the program only moves the robot slightly from it's start position before I get the error "software limit -A3 out of range". I changed the start position of A3 around a couple times in KUKAprc as well as made some other positioning adjustments but no luck. There's no reason that A3's position should be out of range, and the simulation and analysis both look fine.

The simulations and analysis from KUKAprc were always accurate to real-life before incorporating the external axis into the controller. Within KUKAprc, the only info I added in about the external axis was under ADVANCED > EXTERNAL KINEMATICS > ROTARY AXIS > DYNAMIC VALUE BY VECTOR > X = -1 and of course using the Turntable component under 02 Virtual Robot.

Wondering if I need to give KUKAprc more information about the external axis so that all 7 axises run smoother together?
Support / KRC2 Cross3 start up program unable to start
January 21, 2018, 08:20:53 PM

Upon start up of the Cross3 start up program for my KRC2, I get an error message that says "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" (picture 1 attached). I've also attached the "Details>>" page, which says that "Cross3 caused an invalid page fault..." (picture 2 attached).

Has anyone encountered this when working with a KRC2?
Support / KRC2 will not master all of the sudden
December 09, 2017, 09:34:15 PM

Im working with a KRC2 and trying to master it with an EMT. I've mastered it multiple times before with not much issue, but it won't master today.

Besides switching out the cable/emt (I've tried 3 different sets) do you know of other reasons why mastering would stop working all of the sudden?

I was thinking that maybe I'm plugging the cable into the X32 port on the KUKA wrong - because the cable can easily be removed and doesn't appear to be locking in - but the green lights on the EMT tool flash on when it's plugged in so I dont think thats the problem.

Any suggestions are appreciated - thank you!
Support / KUKAprc collision checking not working
December 04, 2017, 08:57:20 PM

I am working with a KRC2 and using Grasshopper KUKAprc to generate the code.

I am trying to mill a foam shape, and when wiring in a box mesh (simulates the table the foam stock is sitting on) to the "collision" input in the CORE,  the simulation still shows the spindle tool running into the mesh box. Is there a simple answer as to why this is?

Jpeg, rhino and gh files attached.

Thank you!

(Disclaimer: very new at this). I am working with a KRC2 and using the KUKA|prc Grasshopper plugin to create the program code. When importing the code into the teach pendant (which is through a USB - Floppy disk translator), the pendant does not recognize the .src file as a program file and won't run it. I've attached a screenshot of the .src file sitting in the program folder, and I've also attached the .src code.

Any help as to why this isn't working would be greatly appreciated - thank you!