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Support / [Solved] SYS-X44 and X48 error
April 09, 2020, 08:25:03 AM
This is not related to KUKA PRC, but i'm hoping someone can still give me some pointers.
Started up the robot today, and was greeted with a bunch of error, the robot refuses to move due to these errors generating a safety stop.
as ssen in the attachment below, the errors are:
SYS-X44 no network response
SYS-X48 SION-S is not connected to bus

There is EK1100 installed, but none of the lights are on, it was working a few weeks before.
I've also included the workvisual configurations.

Is there something i can do to fix the error? or Do i have to replace parts?
General Discussion / remote desktop over KLI?
December 31, 2019, 08:43:35 AM
is it possible to do a remote desktop connection into a KRC4 KSS8.3.33 controller?
I can access shared folders over KLI, but when i try a remote desktop connection, it doesn't connect.
Support / [bug] turntable visualization error
December 16, 2019, 10:22:05 AM
I've noticed that sometimes the visualization for the turntable becomes incorrect.
at first it'll be completely fine, but after a few saves and edits, "sometimes" this bug appears.
I've found no method to recreate this problem, it just happens randomly.

Seen in the attached screenshots, the first one, the visualized height for the turntable is incorrect, but code generation is correct, as it's still tilting and rotating from the correct axis, resulting in the turntable become disjointed.
the second screenshot is what's correct.

I've concluded that something is wrong with the core, if I create a new core component and reconnect everything, it'll fix itself.
and if I copy the broken core component into another file, it'll still be wrong

attached gh is with the broken core.

I am on the newest release.
Support / Relative movement?
November 17, 2019, 09:54:09 AM
So I have a training cell KR6, which comes equip with a gripper and laser sensor. The sensor sensor can sense when something enters its sensing range and make a input become true.
So I'm wondering how to best use this sensor.

for example:
move forward 10 cm, when sensor senses an object, move gripper down to pickup the object?

but this would require if statements and relative movements.
Can this be accomplished in PRC?
I can understand basic KRL, but I can't write this from scratch.
General Discussion / no memory available
October 04, 2019, 03:24:02 PM
So i'm doing some complicated tool paths for a large 3d print.
and I've ran into the 8mb file limit problem.
I thought that if i split the file up into smaller files of <8mb i'd be fine, but the 8mb is accumulative not by file.
Just wondering how others are getting around this problem?

(There's about 5 millions line of instructions, totalling around 100 something mb)
Support / import gcode digital output
October 04, 2019, 11:59:35 AM
I'm importing gcode generated by cura, the gcode flavour is bits from bytes
Everything seems to be working fine, but the digital output command doesn't get added
General Discussion / KR6 Training Cell Automatic mode
September 27, 2019, 06:23:41 PM
So I just found out my workplace have a Mobile training cell with KR AGILUS sitting at the rear of storage.
Everything seems to be working fine, except it doesn't run in automatic mode, I keep getting Active commands inhibited. (see attached)
I press OK, it goes away, but when i press the play button again it pops up.
It runs fine in T1 and T2, anyone know how to fix/configure this?

also, I see that it has some pen holder and this fancy wavy board with a stand, is there some kind of documentation on how to use them?

Support / [Fixed in latest release]DKP problems
September 10, 2019, 06:19:30 AM
All fixed, THANKS

Hi Johannes,

I'm on the newest update, but seems to be a few problem with how the DKP table moves, see the attached screenshots:
(all settings are default, I'm just changing axis values)

1.the DKP becomes red when tilt (E02) value becomes >10 degrees
2.the tilt direction is different from the official DKP spec/our setup (can tilt direction is changed?)

Other than these 2 problem, everything else seems to be working fine :)

I've noticed that once i've used the rotary table component, the origin become the top surface center of the rotary table, is it possible to keep the origin at the robot base?
never miind, found the settings in the core component, would be nice if there was a option on the rotary table component, so I don't have to enter the values twice
General Discussion / Learning inverse kinematics
May 12, 2019, 06:01:19 AM
I'm interested in learning how inverse kinematics works in PRC.
I've found lots of papers and tutorials online, but they're usually 2D kinematics.
Just wondering if anyone have any sources/pointers on where I can start if I want to learn about inverse kinematics in 3D
Support / IIWA zoing and speed
April 25, 2019, 11:32:30 AM
How do i set the zoning and speed for the iiwa? it seems to be ignored/i'm setting it wrong.
I've connected 450 into the linear move command and tried both distance and velocity interpolation movement.
C_DIS is set at 2mm and C_VEL is set at 80%, but the movements are still jerky, the deceleration and acceleration is very obvious.
because the toolpath is a complex curve, each target is 1mm apart from each other. is it because the points are too dense? but even then, shouldn't C_VEL solve that problem?

also, if i export frames as XML, how do i use the xml?
Support / iiwa 7th axis algorithm?
March 18, 2019, 09:44:20 AM
Just wondering if anyone is using iiwa with PRC?
I've been setting the 7th axis (E1), by using galapagos by minimizing the run time and it works fine.
but as the project gets more complicated, the longer it takes to calculate the optimal angle.
Currently my project have 5129 targets, having to provide and calculate a E1 for every target is proving to be too time consuming.
So i'm wondering if anyone have another solution?
General Discussion / Real-time Programing
June 24, 2018, 12:41:19 AM
I'm wondering if it's possible to do real-time programing with KUKA|PRC / if anyone have experience with this.
real-time programing ie: sending commands line by line and adjusting according sensor input data