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Support / kuka PRC for parametric Laser Cladding
« on: October 30, 2020, 06:05:42 PM »
Hello everyone.
My name is Syed and I am a student at University of Alberta, I am working in the automation of a laser cladding facility along with another fellow in the university. As for our setup we have a Laserline 9kw laser,  a Thermach powder feeder, a siemens PLC, a Kuka kr16 and a dkp400, in terms of software we decided to use Kuka prc as we believe it truly potentializes the  flexibility and ease of programming for multiple and complex geometries of our worn out parts that we are working in repairing.

So our workflow involves a 3D scanner that we use to create our model of the worn out part and then we use the 3D model in rhino in order to create the toolpath adding polylines. Once we do this, the laser and powders are controlled with the I/Os of the Beckhoff module and the siemens PLC.

Any how we are now struggling when we try to use our DKP and maintaining the tool as statically as possible and let the dkp do the most of the work in terms of moving. We are aiming at rebuilding a pipe as a test but for now we are using a plate.

My specific question is what type of values does the external axis accepts, angles? vectors? I tried to find this on the documentation but probably I missed it and just can't figure out and understand how should I input the values and also understand what I am inputting.

Finally I want to thank Karl and Johannes, your work is amazing and we are using most of the resources to put this together. My colleague Daniel reached Karl I believe but we didn't wanted to share anything until we had something much more useful or specific. So now We are showing our work here in order to share, hoping to get a bit of help as well as show the capabilities of in engineering processes. We will be featured in WELD magazine soon talking about our setup and the use of parametric programming and we are very happy to share this with you and hope to get more thing and collaborations in the future.

Thanks in advance  for everything and hope you find this interesting.

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