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Topics - Nicholas Ziglio

I made this video showing how to align a robot tool so it is tangent to a path.
Would be curious if anyone has any better ways of doing this  :)
Hello, I have decided to develop a solution to automate welding programming parametrically.
It would be really useful to minimize the amount of components to be created for each weld by creating a component like "KUKA|prc CORE" which has a button that opens a custom GUI.

Does anyone know how this can be done? I'd appreciate a link to any documentation for doing this in python, thanks in advance!  :)
I was wondering, in a program with a lot of repetition (eg. an array for palletizing) if it would be possible to handle issues like collision or limits per single iteration by setting constraints for automatically resolving them (eg. if axis limit exceeded, rotate around TCP Z axis OR if collision, offset along world X axis).

Any ideas if this could be achieved in some way?
I thought some here might be interested by a couple of things I have done in this project.
I managed to automate the detection of new objects and have the animation display the picking of them.
I also used some python and machine learning to help the robot avoid collisions and optimize the picking and placing of components. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask any questions about it ;D

Thanks a million to Karl Singline for his youtube tutorials and Johannes for the amazing dedication and support on this forum!
General Discussion / Cycle time?
March 28, 2020, 05:10:16 PM
What is the best way to get the cycle time of a routine?
I have a heavy file and the simulation is laggy when hitting play..

Maybe the free version doesn't have this feature though.
I'd like to know how one would simulate the signal for a wait for digital output.
What kind of signal does it take?
General Discussion / Weave different LIN commands?
March 19, 2020, 07:33:25 PM
How do you weave commands that you do not want to duplicate? It says I need to have as many elements as Input 1 (32 elements).
As you can see each set has 8 lists, I'd like it to perform the commands in those 8 lists. So the LIN movements in the following fashion:
List1 CMD1, List1 CMD2, List 1 CMD 3
List 2 CMD1, List2 CMD 2, List 2CMD 3
List 3 CMD 1, ...

I'm not used to working with data in grasshopper, any help would be appreciated

How can I avoid these weird rotations at the start and end of my program?
I have tried modifying the custom tool rotations (ABC) and the initial start/end positions of the robot but I can't seem to figure it out.
Rhino and GH files in attachments if needed

Rhino and Grasshopper crashes when leaving an empty (deleted) field and confirming the Set Tool pop up window in the Custom Tool component .

I was expecting the field to reset to 0 or previous value.

Crash Dumps attached.

I have an issue in the attached "Wait Test" file where the wait delay after changing the tool state won't occur.
Instead it immediately skips to the linear movement command in the weave list.

I might be using the weave component incorrectly but I can't seem to figure out how to get the delay to occur after the digital output command.

(Using the latest community release of KUKA PRC and latest public Rhino and GH releases)