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Hi there!

We have noticed a weird thing with our KR10.
We calibrated a tool and a base, then used a base movement offset 10m in the z axis to check the base geometry.
However, even if we only used x and y movements, the z value also changed when checking the display/actual position in the cartesian coordinate system, even at points, where we executed the base calibration. Any thoughts?

Support / kuka.cnc code generation
June 20, 2022, 10:49:42 AM
Hello. I'm Gergő from the Kyoto Institute of Technology.

I'm using KUKA|prc 2022-01-21 and would like to generate a KUKA.cnc code for my KR22-R1610 robotic arm with a KR-C4 controller on KSS8.3.36.

I need to mill a complex geometry, so I have generated a toolpath in Fusion360.
Since the KRL code for even the first roughing was around 20 MB, I met the limits of the physical memory of the controller, so I would like to use the KUKA.cnc already integrated into our system.

However, when choosing the KUKA.cnc (beta)code option, no file is generated, even though the computer's processor has a high load for several seconds.

I left the settings at default, as you can see in the screen capture.

Am I missing something?