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I have program Kuka robot about additive manufacturing but I have notice Kuka robot have a temporary stop about 5-10 sec and I have seen at the program while in stop inline in program Kuka temporary stop it have cpvel =0.13 and other speed and other position of the axis so I think it should not stop. I have tried to change another program so have the same result it has a temporary stop and in the program, it not a temporary stop only 1 time in program it is more than 10 times. how can I fix this problem?
Support / got error ip adress after open kuka robot
August 05, 2021, 12:18:54 PM
I have open kuka robot for programing but it can not operating I have got error in attract picture .What  I have try to solve 1.remote com to kuka robot but it can not connect
2.connect by cmd>ping IP address of robot so it appear request time out 3. unplug kuka smart pad
I have generated a file from Kuka PRC for the program Kuka robot then I use a USB to paste the file to Kuka robot but the file does not have in Kuka robot So I think maybe the file is too big. How I can separate program that have to generate from Kuka PRC such as each program have 20,000 lines.
I have stream value E1 in real-time by using ethernet krl and nvidia jetson nano. but when I stream E1 value and sent it to the stepper motor it spins and has vibration all the time. I have to try to the analyst by run only code for the stepper motor it looks fine. I think the problem may be from value stream E1 real-time and sent to the stepper motor. But I don't know how to fix vibration?
I have a problem due to an error software limit switch at the external axis. I have used an external axis be stepper motor for the extruder (E1) but I have an error on a smart pad of Kuka it shows KSS01442 because my code have E1 = +185.218 so it more than the set value of the software limit switch  . In the software limit switch I have seen the value it has set -185 t0 +185 but when I change the value in smart pad it smart pad say can not change so I think the solution may be must close software limit switch but I don't know how to close the software limit switch for E1?

note: I have attracted pictures of error that show in smart pad and picture of value E1 in my code.
I have got this problem when I connect  Kuka compact c4 (client) with Nvidia jetson nano(server) then have stream E1 value in real-time and sent to Nvidia jetson nano for command stepper motor but it can send only 1 value of E1 then it shows "wait for connection" so I have identified this problem by using Kuka compact c4(client) connect with my laptop(server) so try to cut python code so I found the problem is from 1. I have to use the loop function such as for, while 2. I have a use sleep function.
because if I did not use the loop function and sleep function so this program can stream E1 continue. How can I use the loop function and sleep function and get stream E1 Continuous?

note: I have attracted file python (server) and krl (client)
Support / How to stream E1 value in kuka ?
April 28, 2021, 01:19:18 PM
I would like to stream E1 value in kuka by use ethernet krl This is action 1. I have tried to enter the name $AXIS_ACT and see the E1 axis but it doesn't have when I run code I think E1 value now not in a software system 2. in work visual program I have to add external axis in kuka compact and deploy but I can not run code and move robot because I get the status message is kss15068 , kss00404,kss26228. How can I stream E1 value by ethernet krl?