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General Discussion / Set up KR15 KRC1
« on: May 24, 2021, 02:20:57 PM »
Dear Johannes,

i am studying product design at UdK Berlin. For my master thesis i recently bought a used KR15 robot with a KRC1 controller
for little money. It was used at the BMW training center before and the condition seems to be very good.

After some problems at the beginning (i changed the capacitors on the mainboard and fixed the plug of the robot data cable)
the machine runs and i calibrated the tool as well as the base today and used the coordinates to set up KUKA/prc.
I mounted a Mafell 1000W spindle with a cylindrical 8mm tool.

Now i sent the src file via lan to my robot but its not possible to play the file. There occurs a few errors in the error list.
i will attach a foto of the robots screen.

At the moment im using the trial version, but i already thought about buying the student license.

do i have to change settings in KUKA/prc oder is the problem caused by the robot?

im very grateful if you can help me!


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