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General Discussion / KUKAPRC and KRC1
« on: April 18, 2016, 01:23:06 PM »

We, @Fablab (Cheesefactory, because we reside in Alkmaar, The Netherlands) purchased an old Kuka KRC1 from my, writer of this topic,  actual employer. Transport and not being a robot technician caused a 3 month's search and trial and error quest, before we got her in the position she could move in T1, to reposition, calibrate the six axis and love her again:-)

We wanted to follow some workshops at Fablab Barcelona with Alexandre Dubor at that time, but had to get her moving before that first. Plus we needed a dedicated place in our fablab were she could stay and work safely. These conditions have been managed in the past year, so time comes for the next step. Alexandre adviced me to look into this forum.

It seems KRC1 is supported since then, at least at this moment, nice! But what do we have to do to accomplish this? I tried a search string with KRC1 and have read all (6:-)) posts.

  • Kuka PRC is exporting a single file *.src combining all the information needed, avoiding the use of a *.dat file. KRC1 needs a seperate *.dat file.
  • Because we still have to overrule some safety issues, I guess we'll need a minimum of safety precautions for the program to work? In the beginning we got a shematic to make loops in one of the cables. Not everything was the same as mentioned in that file.
  • We still want to make an appointment with Alexandre to follow his course. Does anyone know which conditions the Kuka needs to make the course advantageous?
  • If it works and everybody at our Fablab is convinced she can stay, we'll surely will be members of Robots in Architecture, or would your advice be: Buy a newer one? Is it for instance possible to rebuild this Robot with the hardware from a KRC2?

As a diehard in visiting forums to get answers I know the benefit for a forum is giving answers also. I sincerely hope to be able to do so in the near future.

Thanks in advance,


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