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General Discussion / Re: Measuring A Simple Tool
December 22, 2021, 05:58:06 PM
Thank you for the hack.  I figured if you can do it manually with a dial gauge there must be a similar hack.  However, I think we will try to get an EMT. Can I used this - from ebay ?  Our robots are KR150 with KRC2-ed05.

What kind of values should I see in the robot axes when line up the mastering indicators?  See attached image for our current reading.

Can you undo Unmastering, such as reverting to last set of parameters?
General Discussion / Re: Measuring A Simple Tool
December 14, 2021, 06:42:31 PM
Static stable for now.

Hacky please?
General Discussion / Re: Measuring A Simple Tool
December 10, 2021, 09:15:42 PM

I understand the 4-point calibration is not tied to the tool values set.  I did that to see what the difference might be after doing the 4-pt calibration.

Some more strange behaviors.  I mapped a base on our turn table.  The origin was first set at the inside corner of the square.  First point was at the end of the long edge.  When I move the tip of tool to the origin after mapping the base, the location reading isn't 0,0,0.  Is it time for mastering?

My training was 5 years ago with little or no use on a robot since.  I might be misunderstanding some basics.
General Discussion / Measuring A Simple Tool
December 06, 2021, 08:23:23 PM
I 3D printed a "unicorn" to use to learn the process of measuring a tool tip.  I had set the tool to 0X 0Y 228.6Z as shown in the first picture.  When I measure the tool using the 4-points XYZ reference I get a range of error anywhere from 100 up to 250 mm.  The current set up isn't very precise but I was expecting errors in the teens not hundreds.

Did I set the tool wrong initially?  Suggestions?
I've seen various ways a spindle is mounted.  We will be testing on foam and HDP first before getting into wood.  Any recommendation on orientation and literature regarding this? 
Support / Re: "Spinning" Axis "Endlessly"
September 30, 2020, 01:21:23 AM
Thank you for the explanation.

I tried to set Axis 4 type as rotation (3) with a limit of -/+7200.  I get two errors: $SOFTN_END[4] invalid value and $SOFTP_END[4] invalid value.  Is there another system variable that could limit the the range?
Support / Re: "Spinning" Axis "Endlessly"
September 29, 2020, 07:52:55 PM
What does adding C_PTP and CONTINUE do?  I read about the C_PTP in the expert programming manual but not sure how that changes my code.  Haven't looked up CONTINUE yet.

Here's a different way to ask the question.  If Axis4 starts at 0, will the code below spin it 100 revolutions and then back to 0?

PTP_REL {A4 36000} C_PTP
PTP_REL {A4 -36000} C_PTP

Support / "Spinning" Axis "Endlessly"
September 24, 2020, 02:00:28 AM
I have axis4 type set to Endless.  Here's my quick code:

FOR Counter=1 TO 20 STEP 1
   PTP_REL {A4 360}
FOR Counter=1 TO 20 STEP 1
   PTP_REL {A4 -360}

This doesn't "spin" axis around around 360 degrees but rather like 5 and also there's a short pause between each of the FOR loop step.

What's the proper syntax for axis4to keep spinning endlessly in positive or negative?



In the attached image and GH file, you see there are 3 robot positions with a generic table set up.  Trying to set up to be able to rough out a block of foam into cylindrical stock. 

Lower left is how we have it set up in the shop.  Upper right is a wire cutter set up with A value set to 135 for E1.  Middle is a milling set up with A value at 60.  The A values were change to avoid singularity and collisions.   

If I was to implement this, I assume I will need to program two work bases.  With an endless E1, is there a way to program both operations without have to change the A values to ellimate the need to program the bases?

Found the information I needed in a diagram - 2 wires were no connected.  Got the 7th axis turning.  Figuring out kinematic systems.

Our cabinets came with 2 additional drivers with SBM2.  After searching a few forums, I decided to try installing our 7th axis as a synchronous axis without the SBM2.  Attached is a PDF that hardware and software settings.  I used the wizard to set up the axis per the External Axes documentation.

There's an error on the last page of the attached pdf that I can't seem to work around.  I looked up alarm message 310 but wasn't able to find any instruction on how to resolve it.

Any help to troubleshoot this will be much appreciated.

If I want to set up a 7th axis for turn table, should it be set up as Synchronous or Async?

Glad to hear to motors are "backward" compatible.  As for connections, we have a cable labeled XM Axis 1 Pos 2/1 and another labeld X81.  They both hook up to 7axis motor.  Haven't looked at where they will go on the cabinet yet.  Any other cables/connections?
Is the a guide on installing a 7th axis, from Kuka or any other sources?

We have krc2 ed05 cabinet with 7th and 8th axis drivers installed.  We have turn table with an A2 servo and drive from a KRC1 robot.  Three questions:

1.  Can I install the KRC1 servo and drive into a KRC2 cabinet?  Or
2.  Can I use the existing 7th axis to drive a KRC1 servo?
3.  Is either scenario above possible?

General Discussion / Re: Hot wire foam cutter
November 07, 2018, 11:14:59 PM
I am talking about both software and hardware.

What's an appropriate temperature range for the wire?  Haven't been able to find this info from manufacturers on the web.