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Support / How should I set the Base and Tool in my robot
« on: November 23, 2013, 08:50:03 AM »
Hi Johannes,

I'm using a Agilus sixx and just recently started using prc.
I have to set the base offset and the tool offset in prc. I wonder what the setting affects. I wonder if my following assumption is correct?:

For Base Offset
Since the effect of adjusting the base offset actually moves the robot base around in the simulation. I believe prc has assumed the world coordinate system of Rhino be the coordinate of the base.
Which means that the modeling and toolpath definitions in the 3D space should be all relative to the base.
Since I tested that, changing the base offset will not change the code output at all. I believe my assumption is correct, and that the base offset is only for simulation.

For Tool Offset
I also find that the settings does not affect code output.
Which means that the settings only affects simulation.

This should also mean that I need to define my tool and base on my robot in the traditional manner of 4 point calibration by jogging or value input.
This also means that for the simulation to be correct (Reachability and Collision), my base offset and the tool offset in prc have to reflect reality.

My final question is: If I'm feeding a series of Planes to Lin movements, which axis should I assume to be the tool and which one is the flange.
My speculation is +ve Z is tool axis facing away from workpiece (milling); -ve X is facing towards the flange.

Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you.

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