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Support / Re: Weaving a Wait Command
November 09, 2016, 06:30:43 PM
Yes, that did it! I updated and its working now.
Support / Weaving a Wait Command
November 03, 2016, 06:15:41 PM

I am having trouble weaving in a wait command with the rest of my linear commands. I am using the Kuka prc command weaver, and when I take the wait command out, the simulation works exactly as I'd expect. When I put the wait command in between commands 2 and 3, it seems like it is trying to move to the origin each time it executes the wait. If you could take a look at the attached example that would be great!

Support / Re: Kuka DKP400 positioner
March 24, 2016, 05:02:16 PM
Hello Johannes,

We've been experimenting with the positioner and arm coordination quite a bit and have gotten some nice results. I have another question regarding the positioner in preparation for their approaching arrival.

Is there a way to change the location of the positioner? I see that by default when using the positioner, the z-axis zero is defined as the top of the positioner, but is there a way to change this so that the z-axis zero is at the bottom? I am trying to get the positioner+robot CORE component and another robot CORE component to sit at the same z position in Rhino (sit on a floor).


UPDATE: figured out how to move the positioner, never mind!
Support / Re: Kuka DKP400 positioner
February 18, 2016, 05:07:06 PM

In this case, we are simply trying to create a simulation that coordinates the positioner's rotation and tilt to optimize the toolpaths. This first test was using the example of a pick and place setup to attempt to pick up a point, rotate and tilt the positioner, and then move to each target point.

In the example Turntable file, you set up the automatic rotation of the positioner by adjusting the dynamic value of the x vector under the rotary axis external kinematics to -1 (see attached). If I were to want this automatic solver to account for positioner tilt as well, what dynamic values would I need to use for these vectors? Am I correct in thinking that this is the automatic solver you are referring to?
Support / Re: Kuka DKP400 positioner
February 12, 2016, 06:48:52 PM

Thanks for the response, that information was very helpful and I've now got a simulation mostly working with the rotation of the positioner. However, when I add in the tilt axis (E2) for one of my point-to-point movements, the tilt of the positioner breaks the path and extent constantly because it keeps tilting too far. Is there a way to constrain the tilt to only go from 0 to -45 degrees?

Also, is there a way in a Pick and Place type of setup to have the Pick-Up Point stay stationary while the Target Points rotate on the positioner?

If you could have a look at the GH file I attached any tips would be much appreciated!

Support / Re: Kuka DKP400 positioner
January 29, 2016, 06:03:49 PM

Yes I am with UTexas! Myself and another student, Ben Wilde, are working with Ben Rice on preparing for the robots to arrive. Thanks for unlocking my account.

I do have another question about the DKP400. By replacing it in your turntable example file, we have gotten it to successfully rotate, but we cannot figure out how to modify the tilt? Any help would be much appreciated.

Support / Kuka DKP400 positioner
January 22, 2016, 05:49:07 PM

I am attempting to learn how to synchronize control of a KR60 and the DKP400 positioner in preparation for the arrival of these machines. I have installed the latest version of Kuka prc but the positioner is not showing up in my Virtual Robot subcategory. I have been told that this machine is included in the library, any ideas as to what the problem may be?

Thank you!

I resolved the issue, I had not licensed my version properly!