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Support / Adding a tool that has ABC not at zero
March 07, 2017, 07:35:45 AM

I am very much still a newbie, so this might be obvious, yet I still can't seem to find a way.

So far most tools in examples had their ABC and C angles at zeroes, alas I have a tool that is not. Is there an easy way to either select the working surface of the tool and feed that to the Custom tool component or place/turn the mesh of the tool in the correct position in the file?

I understand there is a way with Transform-> Rotate and Move in Rhino, but that would take a lot of guessing and I would love to actually understand what I am doing :)

The tool on the robot is at x 1.439, y 2.022, z 230.79, a 100, b 28.8, c 4.03. I have attached a mockup of my tool, but if it's more convenient, use any mesh you want.