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Hi Johannes,

When trying to run a variety of files on the IIWAs, I am getting a Safety Warning under Safety Control that "Communication to Sunrise failed," which I have not seen before. Sometimes reducing the number of frames generated to reduce the number of PTP commands seems to help, but I have much larger sets of movements that are fine. I cannot figure out what is truly causing the problem. When the error occurs, the runXML application cannot be reenabled. The robot has to be rebooted before I can try again. Most of the safety features in the config are turned off, so I don't think that is the issue. In the application, I get a bunch of errors about reaching a point, but often this is a point that the robot is known to be able to reach.

Files attached for one of the setups causing issues.

Support / KUKA CNC _ Spline and Circ Movements
September 29, 2021, 05:18:21 AM
When exporting KUKA CNC, are the Spline and Circ movement components supported? The g-code I am getting doesn't create a G2 or G3 command, it just tells the robot to go to a given point.

Support / IIWA - Kuka PRC CIR Movement Point Order
March 15, 2021, 05:03:31 AM
I am seeing a disconnect between the simulation and the movement of the IIWA movement when attempting to draw multiple circles.

When creating a CIR movement on the IIWA, my recollection of the proper point order to pick is start (point 1), end (point 2), aux point (aux point).

In Kuka PRC, if I input that point order, the simulation does not show the correct movement, but if I input the points as start (point 1), aux (aux point), end (point 2), the simulation looks correct.

On the robot, the opposite happens. If I input the points as start (point 1), aux (aux point), end (point 2), the robot back tracks when repeating the arc movement to form circles.  If I input the points in the order start (point 1), end (point 2), aux point (aux point), the robot moves correctly.