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Robotics System Lead Engineer for Self-driving Robo-Vehicle Additive Manufacturing at PIX Moving

The adventure of PIX begins with the exploration and design of self-driving mobile space, aiming to contribute to the sustainable development of cities. We are looking for passionate robotics engineers and computing designers to join the team, together we'll build the world's first end-to-end vehicle manufacturing system. Most car companies are still manufacturing in the way of production line, which was invented by Henry Ford one hundred years ago. PIX, however, hopes to explore a brand new vehicle manufacturing paradigm based on today's technologies.

PIX is dedicated to rebuilding the manufacturing and mobility of robo-vehicles. While many self-driving companies are focused on transporting people from point A to point B, PIX proposes instead to build robo-vehicles that bring services to people, wherever they are, autonomously. Taco trucks, coffee machines, and photo booths will all become autonomously routed and freely moving parts of cities. Interested in learning more about PIX? Visit here

We await an enthusiastic and dedicated individual to join the team and become an integral part of the PIX's digital fabrication system. The role of  Robotics System Lead Engineer will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and improving PIX's large-scale robotic 3D printing production line in joint efforts with the other engineers. PIX is developing product that is one of a kind, so correspondingly, you are energetic, resilient, and a great learner, and you're able to make wise decisions quickly with limited information. More descriptions about the position and its application can be found on the website

We look forward to hearing from you