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it's all Ok now,
I got a kuka engineer, so it's all right :-))

the issue was that the beckhoff modules haven't been declare in the workvisual project. So, now it's Ok.
You must declare your module in workvisual (add new bus structure, add beckhoff modules digital output/ inputs, analog output modules etc..)
You must also download the beckhoff xml file that desccribe your module to workvisual, (

Then you can map your ouput/ input. With this operation you assign an output/input  from the robot to a physical output/input of your PLC.

Upload to your robot...
Normally this was done by Kuka when you buy your robot or when you change your robot configuration (adding or removing some parts form your robots).

It's better to have a Kuka guy to guide you through this operation.

best regard
No, If i write $OUT[3]=TRUE, nothing happen
With the smartpad, if i go to "I/O3 "Digital I/O", "Output "  "Value" it doesn't work too.
I go to "configure" "I/O Driver", and see that there is no driver installed.

When i say "mapping" , it's mean affect a robot Output to the beckhoff output, eg $OUT{3] = Beckhoff[O.03]  (Modul 0, output 3)
But i think this is not the way to configure the communication between the robot and the PLC.

I have a problem, In my programm, when in try to use Out comand, the bechkoff doesn't activate the output.
Even if i change the ouput status from the smart pad dirctly.
Is there a way to connect or to map outpurt command from the robot to the PLC ?

Work visual ?


When i try to simulate the robot motion with the KUKA|PRC free version, i like to view how far are
the joint's angle from their maximum value.

So,i create a cluster which allow You to  see the joint value at the current slider position.
The cluster use Horster camera control that you could find here :

The cluster must be linked to KUKA|PRC analysis component,the  robot component and to a boolean toggle
Attached below there is an example.

Warning : This cluster is unofficial and not fully tested. You use it at your own risk
Support / yellow tool
March 14, 2015, 05:55:45 PM

Does someone know why sometimes the tool became yellow ?
What does it means ?

Thank you
General Discussion / stream control to kuka robot
January 30, 2015, 08:00:40 PM

do you think that with KUKA|prc we could send informations to the robot in real time For example
- control the robot with the kinect device

Another question
Is it possible to upload src file automatically to the robot to generate unique design in an industrial flow process.
The output of the grashopper definition is controled with sensors and generate design according to these inputs. then the src file is uploaded to the robot and agian and again..