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Thank you! I just took a look under the hood of the script and this seems to point in right the direction. Many Thanks!
Thank you for the fast response. I will explore the elements you mentioned.

Here is a different example. There are three towers, all of them equally sliced with 10 layers but they are independent of each other. I want to print layer 1 on tower A then turn the extruder off between the move over to layer 1 of tower B and so on. This is a very generalized example but I'm aiming at printing something that looks like a Sea Anenome with many spires that will all require layers printed in sequence so many digital out enable/disable commands being woven into the move commands.

Does that help to clarify a bit of what I'm trying to achieve?
Let's say you have a 3d print with multiple independent spires, is there a way to trigger a digital output when the robot enters rapid movements and then another as it gets to the print path? Next, is it possible to identify where that happens in command list? All of my linear movements appear to be the same but there are definitely sections the robot knows to move faster and directly at the next "path".

Thank you for any input you can share in navigating this.