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Tutorials / Re: Example: KUKA LBR iiwa and Sunrise
« Last post by evo85210 on February 19, 2019, 04:12:45 AM »
When I try PRC_FileChooser fileChooser = new PRC_FileChooser("E:\\"), it tell me this constructor is undefined, but it's fine, for the file directory I've solved it with fileChooser.setCurrentDirectory(new"E:\\")), I don't think this is the proper way to do it, but it works and I don't see any side effects for now.

for the degrees and radians, is there any settings for that in KUKA|prc?
everything in grasshopper is in degrees, the input values, the simulation, but when prc outputs an xml, it's converted into radians? (see attachments)
Support / X Y Z A B C to grasshopper plane
« Last post by Matt Johnson on February 19, 2019, 01:10:34 AM »
I'm trying to move my Kuka to a position in space, record it's Actual Position (X Y Z A B C), and then make a plane in Grasshopper to match that position so I can return to it in future programs.  XYZ is straightforward enough, but can anyone shed light on how ABC translates the axes of a plane? I've tried simply rotating a World XY plane around the World Z,Y, and X axes in turn, but that doesn't work.  Thanks for any thoughts!
General Discussion / Re: Integrating 7 axis on KR150 KRC2 ED05
« Last post by designfugitives on February 18, 2019, 10:06:41 PM »
If I want to set up a 7th axis for turn table, should it be set up as Synchronous or Async?

Tutorials / Re: Example: KUKA LBR iiwa and Sunrise
« Last post by Johannes @ Robots in Architecture on February 18, 2019, 07:11:11 PM »

I cannot test it right now, but I would take a look at the CORE_ChooseXML() function in PRC_Core and try something like that...
PRC_FileChooser fileChooser = new PRC_FileChooser("E:\\");

Regarding the redundant axis, KUKA|prc uses degrees, so please use those. If you input radians instead you should get less movement, as radians are always much smaller.
Automating the position of the redundant axis is something that is very application-dependent, but it's on our todo list. Until we know if there will be more 7-axis robots from KUKA - the upcoming LBR iisy has got 6 axes - it's not that high, though. But you could e.g. already optimize the E1 value through Galapagos, by defining a fitness function based on the output of the Analysis component, e.g. minimizing process time and collisions.

General Discussion / Re: fronius with kuka prc
« Last post by Joey on February 18, 2019, 01:55:24 PM »
I have encountered the same problem as you, how did you do it. Can you share the file with me? Thanks in advance!
Tutorials / Re: Example: KUKA LBR iiwa and Sunrise
« Last post by evo85210 on February 18, 2019, 07:59:02 AM »
ah, so I didn't correctly to set the base, as I didn't notice the robot in the example isn't set a the origin, that's all solved now.
is it possible to set the .java file to have the tool and base as variables that can be set thru the XML file? (just a thought)

for the directory, I took a look at the libraries, and i'm not quite sure what i'm suppose to do with (I'm basically new to java)
However, I saw that in PRC_Core there's a file filter, fileChooser.setFileFilter(filter), so I tried adding fileChooser.setCurrentDirectory("E:") to PRC_Core, which workbench then tells me that the method is not applicable? i'm a bit confused, since both .setFileFilter() and .setCurrentDirectory() are methods of JFileChooser, I don't see why one works but not the other.

Also, for A3 (E1), the movement is quite obvious in the simulation, but when the application is ran on the iiwa, the movement of A3 is at very little. If I attach a radians just before LIN MOVE the simulation and actual movements seems similar. What's going on here? (seems like it's somehow been converted into radians automatically, but the iiwa reads it as degrees? in workbench preference the units is set as radians)
With the way A3 is controlled right now, it's basically manual input, is it possible for it to be automatically determined thru reverse kinetics like the other axis? (coming in future release?)
Tutorials / Re: Example: KUKA LBR iiwa and Sunrise
« Last post by Johannes @ Robots in Architecture on February 15, 2019, 08:25:46 PM »

Arbeitsraumfehler would relate to the work envelope. Did you setup the tool and base in the Sunrise Workbench and then also set the right names in the code that calls the KUKA|prc library?
Also make sure that you can switch the Sunrise Workbench between degrees and radians, so the angles need to be in the right format.
Regarding the path, take a look at the file, which extends the JFileChoser. You should be able to set a different default path there.


Base 17 is nothing special by itself, you need to make sure that you don't calibrate a regular Base system, but an Offset base.
For an offset base, the zero point is not the base of the robot, but the base of the turntable. So the values will be comparably small.

Support / Re: KR C2 moving in circular motion rather than programmed path
« Last post by Ivanescu on February 15, 2019, 10:06:12 AM »
It is perfectly synchronized now (when you move E1 robot fallows the point).
Now i get working envelope exceeded.

1. I have selected in PRC base 17 (it is with 0,0,0...) when i input base 17 coordinates it is far from the robot.
2. I have the corect XYZ input in Turntable component (Distance from the base of the robot)
3. The correct tool is selected.
4. I have tried with hard core base and tool from code page activated.
5. I have tried to manually modify Base 17 in the file.

CustomTurntable file has the same result. 

Base 17 in PRC shold be 0 or Turntable flange position ?
Tutorials / Re: Example: KUKA LBR iiwa and Sunrise
« Last post by evo85210 on February 15, 2019, 09:07:29 AM »
I'm having some trouble with this example in particular, it's giving me an error in German (arbeitsraumfehler) and I'm not quite sure what it means.
I think it has to do with a bad setting on my iiwa?

if someone can give me some pointers on how to solve this, that'd be great.

side note: is it possible to set the default directory to a specific location else instead of documents?
this iiwa is being set up as a shared robot, I don't really want users getting confused when selecting the directory
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