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Support / Re: Issues when optimizing too...
Last post by Matty Fuller - July 27, 2022, 07:21:36 AM
If the robot is capable of completing each individual cut without winding up A6, but not the entire program, then this should be easily solved by unwinding between cuts. This would be done by setting a neutral position above the work table and commanding specific axis values (ie: A6 = 0) rather than allowing the robot to solve for a cartesian position.

There is a specific component for digital outputs in KUKA|prc, alternatively you can use the Custom KRL component to enter any command to execute.
Where you place the component in your toolpath is mostly a Grasshopper thing - there are components for inserting objects into a list, splitting lists etc. Or you can use Merge List to combine the movement with the IO commands.
Is there any particular pattern you would like to achieve?
I've attached a generic example where the extruder is only on during the toolpath, but not during the approach and retract motion.

Support / How to add digital output for ...
Last post by Jianyou - July 25, 2022, 03:58:09 PM
    I am new to PRC and use a Kuka KR6 R900 for 3D printing.
Ihave a customized extruder, and how can I give a true/false signal into the comand codes to activate the extruder at a specific point on the printing path?
Thank you for the update, to be honest I did not know that setting all external axes was required, so that's valuable information!
What are six axes driving, unless that is confidential?

Support / Re: Generate E5 and E6 Externa...
Last post by MkMrA2 - July 18, 2022, 05:40:43 PM
Hi Johannes,

Thanks for the quick response! It does seem to need those E5 and E6. And I did have to add the A1-A6 as hardcoded values. But it works so this is acceptable for now.

Thank you! 
Hello Mark,

Do you need to set all of your 6 external axes, or is it enough to set 4 external axes from the Grasshopper code?
If it's just about getting the code to run, you could go into the KUKA|prc settings, Advanced, Code and tick the box to use a custom code pattern.
Above [STARTAXPOS] add the following line:
PTP  {E1 0,E2 0,E3 0,E4 0,E5 0,E6 0}
If that does not help, also add the A1-A6 values for the start position - just note that it's then hardcoded and no longer uses the values from the UI - these values are used within [STARTAXPOS]

Support / Generate E5 and E6 External Ax...
Last post by MkMrA2 - July 18, 2022, 05:10:12 PM

Our robot setup necessitates specifying all the external axis (E1 through E6). Right now PRC generate E1 through E4 in the code (all 0). But when I run a program it says "Impermissible start motion". The error occurs on this line:

STARTPOSITION - BASE IS 0, TOOL IS 4, SPEED IS 10%, POSITION IS A1 0,A2 -65,A3 78,A4 0,A5 -102,A6 0,E1 0,E2 0,E3 0,E4 0

If I add E5 0, E6 0 at the end it works.

Is there a way for me to generate those extra axes in the code that PRC outputs?

Job Openings / Full-time position in computat...
Last post by singline - July 16, 2022, 09:53:53 PM
Full-time position in computational design + robotic fabrication in Gradel - Luxembourg
"Gradel lightweight is developing composite light-weight solutions for industry-leading aerospace, automotive, and end-user companies as well as research institutes and universities.
We are expanding the team with our upcoming production hall in Luxembourg, located next to a joint research lab for composites in space at the Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology. The successful candidate will work between computational design and robotic fabrication as part of a team of structural and mechanical engineers, designers, roboticists, material scientists, and production engineers and assistants - the job environment is very collaborative and theres room for intervention, creativity, responsibility and development.
With a young international team, the work is conducted in English. Other languages are a bonus.
The position starting date is flexible (for current students interested to start upon graduation."
environment entails both research and production. Theres already a couple of computational designers from itech Stuttgart and MAS ETH on the team. The selection process can be lengthy so I advise anyone interested in starting later to send in their application already.
CV, cover letter, and portfolio are to be sent to
If anyone has questions or doubts or needs more info they can get in touch with me directly
more info about the company:

Unfortunately I cannot really read anything out of the screenshots, maybe you could attach two files to compare?
There is one bug with the command sequence, you could run the "Solution Recompute" (hotkey F5) and see if the result changes. That will be fixed in the next release, though.

Support / Re: Issues when optimizing too...
Last post by alvarogarciasab - July 08, 2022, 07:09:48 PM
Some screenshots.

Best regards,