Author Topic: Milling clearing passes in foam  (Read 574 times)


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Milling clearing passes in foam
« on: August 11, 2019, 08:38:34 PM »
Hi All,
Rather than using the divide surface component, I'm interested in milling the successive layers of foam prior to reaching my finish surface. I'd also like the robot to return to a "safe plane" between layers so that it doesn't plow through the material on its way to the next layer down. Has anyone achieved this in PRC? Attached is my attempt. I'm almost there, I just have a data issue where I need to repeat the portion (grouped in purple) for each slice (without copying it and pasting for every slice).


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Re: Milling clearing passes in foam
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2019, 10:20:44 AM »

Sorry for the delay. In the eMail you mentioned that you wanted to do this for multiple surfaces, or did I misunderstand the issue?
Attached would be my variant.
If you want to work on multiple geometries, you need to avoid Flatten and take care that the data paths match. That is why there are several Trim Tree or Simplify Tree components.