[bug] turntable visualization error

Started by evo85210, December 16, 2019, 10:22:05 AM

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I've noticed that sometimes the visualization for the turntable becomes incorrect.
at first it'll be completely fine, but after a few saves and edits, "sometimes" this bug appears.
I've found no method to recreate this problem, it just happens randomly.

Seen in the attached screenshots, the first one, the visualized height for the turntable is incorrect, but code generation is correct, as it's still tilting and rotating from the correct axis, resulting in the turntable become disjointed.
the second screenshot is what's correct.

I've concluded that something is wrong with the core, if I create a new core component and reconnect everything, it'll fix itself.
and if I copy the broken core component into another file, it'll still be wrong

attached gh is with the broken core.

I am on the newest release.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


Thanks a lot for sharing, that's a very interesting problem, sorry that it is occurring to you!
I'll look into it tomorrow and hopefully post a fix soon!

All the best,

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


Sorry that it took a while.
The reason for the problem was rather simple but took a while to find: You had the low-resolution robot model enabled and it seems that I made a mistake with the position of the low-resolution DKP400.
It will be fixed in the new release, in the meantime simply disable the "Render Low-Resolution Robot" option in the settings.