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Started by Johannes @ Robots in Architecture, July 05, 2019, 06:40:43 PM

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Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

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Creative Robotics at the University for Arts and Design Linz (Austria) is looking for a new researcher (75%, 30h/week) to join the team. The lab is a collaborative project of the University, with partners Grand Garage, Ars Electronica, KUKA Robotics, and the Association for Robots in Architecture, headed by Prof. Johannes Braumann, the development lead of KUKA|prc.

We're looking for people that bring additional, specialized knowledge (such as handcraft, material knowledge, physical computing, geometry, software development, media art, HCI...) to the lab. Current research projects involve the manipulation and simulation of textile materials, large-scale robotic fabrication of structures, and R&D for automotive and aerospace OEMs, as well as "fun" projects ( with Ars Electronica and other partners.

We are operating two labs, one at the university itself and a second one within the 4000m² Innovation Workshop Grand Garage, where we have got access to high-end machinery like HP SLS printers, additive metal fabrication, coating technology, measuring machines alongside the more usual CNC machines.

Linz has got a vibrant international digital media/arts scene alongside its "historic" industrial background, that draws in both high-tech companies as well as heavy industry.

German knowledge is not a prerequisite, however the official job posting is only available in German at

Please send your application (cover letter, CV, overview of projects/research) until July 17th, 2019 to

For questions, please directly contact