3D Printing and Extrusion Video Tutorial

Started by singline, February 04, 2020, 01:31:31 PM

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In this tutorial I teach you how to program your KUKA robotic arm to do 3D printing and extrusion for additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Detailing how to use Rhino3d, Grasshopper and KUKA|prc to generate parametric tool paths to print or extrude any shape with a KUKA robot.



Hello Singline, I'd love to watch this but it's listed as private.


My more advanced videos have been moved to Patreon to support me in making more content moving forward, you can find this one here for Professor tier patrons and above:



Hello Singline.

Is it possible to watch the private video?

Thabk you very much!


Hello, how can I access to this video Singline? Do I need to send you an email?
Looking forward to hear from you.


Hello all,

There are many things I love in this world, two of the biggest are KUKA robots and KUKA|prc - a match made in heaven but following that is being able to eat and have some fun. While I love sharing my passion and creating YouTube content, and as much as I wish it did, unfortunately the returns are virtually 0 for the amount of time and effort I put in. That is why I have decided to put the more advanced KUKA and Grasshopper videos available on my Patreon: Karl Singline. If you're a 'Professor' tier, you have access to all my higher level educational content, as well as a chance to ask me questions that I will get back to as many as possible. I have now made this introduction to 3D printing and extrusion available there and intend on doing a follow up more in-depth video on the topic soon.

Hope this helps.