Solution exception:The process cannot access the file

Started by victorlin, July 11, 2020, 11:25:08 AM

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I've recently been running into this issue:

1. Solution exception:The process cannot access the file 'C:\Users\Victor\Desktop\kukaprc_project.xml' because it is being used by another process.

but as far as I know, no other process is using it, and I've also checked simulate without KRL generation, but this still pops up.
Sliding the simulation slider will make the error go away but it'll popup again later.

I'm on the lastest version 20200519

Sorry if the explaination is no good, it's been a long day, attached is the file with the error.



Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Victor,

I would guess that maybe a cloud software is restricting access to the file?
You could try to right-click the Core component and chose the option that activates a Boolean input, so that a file is only saved when that Boolean is true, rather than whenever the content is changed.