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Import gcode problem

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So i been testing the gcode import tool, i tried to import from Cura and Allesandro zomparelli gcode addon from blender, bouth use a "marlin" gcode flavor that works with regular 3d Printers.
Rhino simulation looks good and theres no yellow or red alerts on the kuka core node, so its seems like its generating a "working krl" once run in the robot the following error message appears :
Approximate positioning not possible  KSS01123
Value assignment inadmissible KSS01446

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture:

Can you send me the file, ideally with the line number where the problem is happening?
"Approximate positioning not possible" is not an error that stops the robot, but the other one is, so please check where the robot stopped!


Couple years latter lol, but Im still getting that problem here is the SRC file.

I can also send you the gcode , rhino and gh file.

Here is the src:

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture:
Hello Luigi,

I was about to write you that you need to tell me where the error is occurring as it's a file with 20k lines of code, but it was easier than expected.
$VEL.CP=0 sets the speed in m/sec to 0, which cannot work.
If you can provide me with the g-code, I can take a look where the 0-speed is coming from.
Or did you maybe set it yourself as an override speed in the component?



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