Multiple curves and clearence plane

Started by m.v.c., November 03, 2014, 08:09:12 PM

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Hello Johannes:
How can you set up prc in order to cut multiple curves or paths?
I´m looking at simplepath example file
You can set multiple curves by flattening the command input on the core componet
But, when the robot is done with one curve, it goes directly to the next curve, with no clearence plane

Thank you

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


Well, there are very many ways, the easiest is probably the use the Approach/Retract components that you can find in the 02|Toolpath tab. They shift the first (if the START input is set to True) and the last (if the END input is set to True) position of a toolpath either along the tool axis, tangentially to the path, or along coordinates. For example if you have got a normal list of commands, then graft them and add the Approach/Retract, you get some sort of drilling pattern, i.e. the robot moves up, goes down to the point, goes up again, goes to the next position, etc.
The alternative is that you just move e.g the planes of the toolpaths to a safe height.
I've attached a file with two possible ways below!

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture