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Started by victorlin, May 13, 2021, 05:34:33 AM

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Hi all,
I'm currently a PhD student and thinking of doing an exchange/visiting scholar to collaborate and do research with other schools.
I'm wondering if anyone have any recommendations regarding which university/faculty is doing architecture related robotics? (and would be interested in accepting exchange/visiting scholar)
Ideally it would be an exchange/research that lasts between 6 to 12 months.
Robotics, manufacturing and programming are all fields that I'm familiar with.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


So I can only comment from my very personal side - coincidentally we will welcome a visiting researcher this summer at my department for Creative Robotics in Linz and previously had another visiting scholar from Denmark.
These were all stays that took around 3-months, in one case the university of the researcher just kept paying his wage while in the current case an exchange program is supporting his stay.
Considering that a few months are not a lot of time and that often there is no separate funding for the host university, to me a criterium is that the visiting researcher is working on a topic that directly benefits current research trajectories at the department and that she/he can explore the topic with our available infrastructure and without needing a huge amount of input to get started in the first place. So it would be challenging to have a researcher who wants to work with robots but has not worked with robots before - the three months would mostly be spent by us getting the researcher up to speed.

I guess that larger universities could just decide to fund a visiting researcher for a few months, but in our case that would be challenging, ideally these things take place through some funding program.

My suggestion would be to look for funding opportunities and then specifically contact universities in countries where those exist, with a a paragraph outlining what you would like to do and how that may mesh with their current research.