Custom tools for kuka PRC for Dynamo

Started by TayebBa, May 14, 2021, 11:43:17 PM

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Hello  :)
Please, where can i download the custom tools for kuka PRC for Dynamo (gripper)?  :-\

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


There is no preset for a gripper in KUKA|prc for Dynamo, but you can import your own mesh (from a linked mesh geometry file).
Regarding KUKA|prc for Dynamo in general: we are internally still maintaining it and it uses the most recent KUKA|prc core. The main issue is that Dynamo got a major update quite some while ago that changed my things and we do not feel that there is sufficient demand to update the code to that version.

So using e.g. with KUKA|prc for Grasshopper might give you better usability.