WISH : please add the KR210 r3100 Ultra

Started by Xylotica, October 13, 2021, 10:22:32 AM

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Hi Johannes,

Could you please add the KR210 r3100 Ultra to the robot components ?
There is already the KR210 R3300K and the KR210 R3100-2, but they are different machines.

Here's the beast, attached.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


I just checked and the robot seems to be included, see below!
It does seem to have some small issues with the mesh, will look into that...



Aww... silly me. I hadn't figured out that some of them had weight RANGES, so I was only browsing for the KR210.
Thanks !

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

It's not an ideal system, that's also on me...!