Src. File not running - Error 2224 Constant Expected

Started by barrakd, October 17, 2021, 04:02:10 AM

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I am having trouble running a .src file generated from KUKAPRC. I am copying the file using a USB stick to R1, but would get a red cross on my file which prevents me from running it. The error reads: "Constant Expected". I have double checked the KUKAPRC analysis which is error free and double checked that my tool and base calibration numbers are correct. I am uploading an image of the error  from my smartpad, as well as the .src file.

Many thanks!

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


It seems that the E1-E4 values of your start/end movement are set to NaN, which C# / Grasshopper sees as a valid number, but I guess KRL is looking for a variable with that name.
Did you set those values to NaN in the settings manually? If not, it would be great if you could send me your Grasshopper definition - feel free to substitute your commands with a single 6-Axis movement, I'm confident that if there is an error, it's in the settings and not the toolpath.



Thank you Johannes,

You were right. That solved it!

All the best,

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture