Implement automatic tool Z re-calibration with KUKA|prc ?

Started by Xylotica, November 09, 2021, 09:55:10 AM

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I started a thread on the RobotForum about automatic tool Z re-calibration :

Could this be somewhat integrated in KUKA|prc ?
Something like a  "Z check" component ?

In the same spirit, a fully functional "tool change" component would be handy, instead of describing all the actions like :
-Go to this frame to drop current tool
-Move slowly to current tool's support clip
-Output to "1" for tool release
-Retreat to safe frame
-Go to new tool's location

One would simply specify the new tool to load/check , and the corresponding SRC code would be written automatically

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


The problem is that all these things are super-specific to individual setups - hardly any tool changer works the same. We recommend our partners - just had a meeting about that a while ago - to define a KRL function with all the logic and to put a defined axis position before and after the Custom-KRL component.
That way, even though the tool change is not simulated, the simulation is still accurate.

Regarding the tool length measurements that shouldn't be too complex:

Measure the triggering position of a pressure switch with a very short tool.
Move the new tool in a very safe distance (> longest tool) over the switch
Enable an interrupt with the switch
Move the robot downwards until the switch triggers.
Stop the robot
Use the Z-difference to the reference tool to calculate the new XYZABC values

It only gets a bit meaner if the tool is mounted with a strange orientation, then you need to do some trigonometry.