KUKA KR C4 Custom Indexer / Rotary

Started by distantkitty, March 25, 2022, 08:27:52 PM

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I'm very new to industrial arm applications but have been working in CNC for many years. I'm trying to outfit a KR KUKA with a indexer, but current lead times from KUKA are pushing 20 weeks. I'm curious if its possible to use other rotaries 3rd/party indexers with a KR C4 such as this used one on ebay.

Reis Kuka 8 Axis Rotary KR240 Rotating 7 Axis w/ Drive 4003AT & Motor DSCG 056K https://www.ebay.com/itm/-/164092212954

How would I go about interfacing with such motor?

I appreciate any insight.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


That probably won't work, the KRC4 motor drivers use EtherCAT for communication and look very different from that older unit.
So before you buy anything, check with KUKA support if a given part is compatible with your controller.
We once had KUKA retrofit a 7th axis on a KRC4 and it was quite an evolved process that took a while.

I think - but might be wrong - that we paid 7k EUR for the hardware including installation (but excluding a motor), though even that might have been a special academic pricing.