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KUKA KR C4 Custom Indexer / Rotary


I'm very new to industrial arm applications but have been working in CNC for many years. I'm trying to outfit a KR KUKA with a indexer, but current lead times from KUKA are pushing 20 weeks. I'm curious if its possible to use other rotaries 3rd/party indexers with a KR C4 such as this used one on ebay.

 Reis Kuka 8 Axis Rotary KR240 Rotating 7 Axis w/ Drive 4003AT & Motor DSCG 056K

How would I go about interfacing with such motor?

I appreciate any insight.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture:

That probably won't work, the KRC4 motor drivers use EtherCAT for communication and look very different from that older unit.
So before you buy anything, check with KUKA support if a given part is compatible with your controller.
We once had KUKA retrofit a 7th axis on a KRC4 and it was quite an evolved process that took a while.

I think - but might be wrong - that we paid 7k EUR for the hardware including installation (but excluding a motor), though even that might have been a special academic pricing.



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