Small angles ignored ?

Started by Xylotica, April 21, 2022, 07:34:13 PM

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I am trying to fine-tune my tool ABC with a rotary planer, measuring the ridges between passes, and I'm just pulling my hair out.
I calculate the slight angular deviations from measuring precisely the height of these ridges in the wood I'm planing.
When I change the angle of my tool accordingly in KUKA|prc, I expected to see the ridges disappear, but it was like I peed in a violin as we say in France : no change.
So I checked the src files and noticed that when I was close to the vertical of the base, the small deviations were ignored : the SRC file has the same ABC values as for a vertical tool.
If I make a more pronounced angular change, then it registers...

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


I can say that there is some rounding happening because it avoids problems with the ABC calculations, but it should barely be perceptible, like the 5th digit after the comma for a vector. I'm happy to take a look at an example file!

But I learned a new expression today, so the day is already a success ;)



There is definitely some rounding going on, but it's larger than you think.
In my case, the blue line is rotated 0.17° around A then the same amount around B.
It may not sound like a lot, but with a Ø80 planer end mill, it makes the difference between a flat board and one that requires lengthy sanding...

I'm preparing an example file.


I figured that under 0.806° of inclination with the vertical, the tool orientation is completely ignored.