Rendering and Visulization

Started by OXIDO, January 05, 2023, 01:35:55 PM

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Has anyone used the Robot Geometry output on the KUKA prc Core. Is it possible to export an animation or render from this output? Which is the best grasshoper plugin for this?
Goal- Our client wants to see the movements in 3D but they do not have rhino or grasshopper to do so...

Thank you.


You shouldn't need a plugin, you can export an animation straight from grasshopper. If you right click on a slider and click Animate. From there you can set whatever settings like the number of frames or image size. You can use photoshop or an online tool to compile the stills into an animation. You can do this process on the slider that controls the SIM on the prc core component.



Or use the play feature in core analysis and simply record your screen. bit less intensive and quicker than the animate number slider in GH. But both work!