Strange base coordinate movement results

Started by gergole, September 17, 2022, 05:30:08 PM

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Hi there!

We have noticed a weird thing with our KR10.
We calibrated a tool and a base, then used a base movement offset 10m in the z axis to check the base geometry.
However, even if we only used x and y movements, the z value also changed when checking the display/actual position in the cartesian coordinate system, even at points, where we executed the base calibration. Any thoughts?


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Gergely,

Hmm, so you have got your Cartesian World and Cartesian Base coordinate system.
My guess is that there was a mismatch somewhere, so you either moved the robot in Cartesian World but displayed Cartesian Base or the other way around.
Is that possible?
It usually shows the Cartesian position of the currently activated base (see towards the top of the smartPad, next to the tool number) and on the right there is the World movement (globe icon) and the Base movement (plane icon) type.