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Started by 12wifihe, June 10, 2022, 11:49:12 AM

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Hello everyone,

I am a new user of the Kuka robot. I have already programmed in Grasshopper Kuka Prc Plugin and export the file to Kuka PC. But what the robot actually do is not the same as the animation in Grasshopper. I am wondering if I have to set the tool in the Kuka PC the same as the tool in Kuka Prc in Grasshopper. But when I press the button of Tool/base management in the Kuka PC panel, I have no authority to add a new tool, in order to fit the tool setting in Grasshopper. If you have some advice or suggestion, please tell me. Thanks a lot in advance.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


To edit the tool settings, you need to be in the Expert user group. Please check with the people in charge of your robot whether you are allowed to change your user group and to add new tools.
The default password is "kuka" (which can be easily found online) - but make sure to do all changes in close coordination with other people using the same robot.

Here is a scenario: Someone has tested a robot program before and it ran fine, using tool 5. Now someone enters new tool values for 5 without telling the other person, with the new tool being 10cm shorter than the old one.
If the first person were to run the file now again, the robot may collide with the table because it thinks that the tool is shorter than it actually is.



Hey 12wifihe,

Check out my number 1 tip on the following video: