Integrating XTREEE 3D printer on KUKA Cell.

Started by Sina Mostafavi, October 18, 2022, 06:34:16 PM

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Sina Mostafavi


I'm following the issue encountered this morning :

The main application won't start with an error linked to the option HMI Easy.

The system was working fine until I decided to test a new version of my HMIEasy interface. I just copied the new xml file generated inside C/KRC/USER/HMI Easy, without deleting the old one. I transferred it from WorkVisual to the controller, which replied that the new interface will load after a restart. But since then I'm stuck.

I think it is linked to a double reference to the same interface. So I manually deleted the new xml file and changed the file "SmartHMI.exe.HMIEasy.Menues.config" with the old one but it won't help.

See below.


Thanks for your help.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Sina,

So the smartPad is not properly booting up, and I guess that you cannot deploy a new WorkVisual project?
If you have got a backup of the robot software, I would personally just put on that image and then deploy the most recent WoV project.

And while I don't know if that is the case with EasyHMI, KUKA sometimes likes to put files in multiple places.
So you could attach a display, mouse, and keyboard to the controller and search for your file name in the Windows Explorer.

If you don't have a backup image, I would take this as a prompt to make a backup once the controller is back up and running. The most convenient way is the KUKA Recovery.Stick, but you can of course also just remove the SSD, attach it to your PC and make an image with any other backup software - Macrium Reflect Free works well, in my experience.