Error at start of Spline Movement

Started by austinsamson, January 02, 2023, 04:26:48 AM

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Hi there,

I am working on a script that allows for 3D printing clay on a doubly curved surface - attached is the script and rhino file - I have it working fine with a Linear movement - but I was told by another colleague that the Spline movement allows for better control over velocity (more consistent) when in T1 mode - so I am trying to use spline now - 

My problem is that there is a weird blip in the simulation that throws an error on the PRC side - it only occurs at the very start of each spline movement - any ideas? I have not tested this on the arm yet, so it may not even be a problem, but still curious as to what it would be -


6-Axis Clay Printing - Training 01 - Surface Conforming Toolpaths.3dm
6-Axis Clay Printing - Training 01 - Surface Conforming


update - I closed and re-opened those attached files and for some reason I was getting a continuous error - had to open the PRC settings a hit apply to get it back working - so may be a larger issue going on...

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Good Morning,

In general I would advise against using splines, they are not NURBS and you lose quite a lot of control over your geometry with them, in my experience. Though that might not matter as much with clay printing.
The problem you found is still a bit weird to me so I will continue to look into it, but for now it should be fixed, and the fix will be included in the next member release. As you mentioned that you're a member through your university, if you send me an email I can provide the release in advance.



Hey Johannes,

Thanks for the reply, it all ended up working out - the error blip is still there, but it doesn't seem to effect the robot - runs cleanly through it - as for the spline, it appears to be working fine for our purpose - we get a nice consistent velocity with it, which is something we were struggling with while using the linear movements. I think if there are enough points for the spline (we have 5mm between each point) it is accurate enough, at least for clay printing -