Set start point programmatically for HotWire application

Started by BayStone, February 01, 2023, 05:02:13 AM

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Quick question about the start position.  I saw another thread about programmatic start positions, although I didnt quite understand the implementation, or if it was ever fully released. 

In hotwire foam cutting, i'd like to start the bot at the first point every time.  Currently, I will send the robot to that point in the simulation, then get that position as start in the settings.  We are cutting large blocks, and it's easiest for us to use the wire to align the block to.  This position changes nearly every time.  I'm wondering if there is a way I can delete the step to set the start point in settings and just set it programmatically.  This will help reduce user errors by forgetting to set the start, or if the old point is close to the new point and you just dont notice. 


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Good Morning,

Sorry for the late approval of your post, there were some issues with the forum.
What start point are you referring to? The initial axis position in the settings or something else?



Hi, thanks for the reply.

Yes, the initial axis position (i think).  Here is the current work flow that I hope can be improved.

* Adjust part position in Rhino
* Select curves
* extract first position and set as the only plane in the program
* Set simulation to 1 so the robot moves to that position
* Open settings > Advanced > Get current position for START (Initial Posture is set to "As Start", "Skip END position" is checked)
* create rest of program > send to kuka
* Run program, bot goes to 'start position' fold > align part to wire.
* Run rest of program.

I found that when doing it this way, that startposition is not actually where the wire is starting, though.  There is an initial ptp move at the begining of the program that is not the same as the startposition.  So i tend to let it move to it's first PTP move, then align the foam. 

2023-02-09 09_55_47-C__dl_work_Kuka_prc_maincut.src - Notepad++.png

The goal is to be able to set the initial axis position in the settings as the exact start point of the program, and to set this programmatically.  This would make things so much easier.


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


Sorry for the delay again, I'm still having issues with the email notifications.
What you can do is go into Settings/Advanced/Code and untick the option "Use robot-internal code-pattern". Then remove the [STARTAXPOS] line. This way, the axis position will not be written into the KRL code. I would strongly recommend to start with a PTP position, ideally with both STATUS and TURN values.

Hope that helps!