Toolpath from solid modeling

Started by 3d-factory, February 07, 2023, 07:50:59 AM

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Hi, I am new to kuka prc and trying to find complicated toolpaths for a 3d print with this.

I would like to have examples of grasshopper file for the attachments.
I want to know how to get the toolpath like right figure in test 1 When I import Solid modeling like left one.

Here are two attahced samples of Rhino file for the requested examples.

Thank you.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Good Morning,

You are basically asking "how do I program non-planar 3D printing for generic solids" which is a question that is not fully within the scope of a forum. But I'm happy to share some code to put you in the right direction. It uses Pufferfish to tween between two surfaces. Just note that with trimmed surfaces you run into some issues, as you are going to see. Also, the code is not made for a solid, but two surfaces. With a solid you would need to somehow define how those non-planar divisions are flowing.

Hope it helps!